Bike Shifters Won’t Shift – The Most Common Cause

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I take apart a trigger shifter and show the most common reason why old shifters won’t shift. This applies to both mountain bike trigger shifters as well as road bike STI type shifters. I fix the shifter in the video and include links to a couple videos showing how to fix these types of shifters without even taking them apart.

Here are some of the videos I have done on fixing stuck shifters:

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How To Fix STI Shifters (Brifters) That Won’t Shift

Repair Shimano STX RC Trigger Shifter That Won’t Shift

How To Fix Shimano 200GS Trigger Shifters Super Easy!

How To Repair Shimano Alivio Trigger Shifter That Won’t Shift

How To Repair Rapid Fire Trigger Shifters On Bike Easy Fix

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