How To Remove Stuck Seatpost In Minutes With Slide Hammer

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I show how to remove a seized seatpost from a bike frame using a 10lb slide hammer. I borrowed the slide hammer from a local auto parts store after paying a deposit. Be sure to get a 10lb slide hammer as I don’t think a 5lb slide hammer will deliver enough force. The aluminum seat post was likely frozen in the steel frame due to galvanic corrosion. I had been spraying it liberally with Kano Kroil penetrating oil. I manged to unstick the seatpost in just a couple minutes. You may need to connect the slide hammer to the seat post in a different manner. Possibly drilling a hole through the side of the seatpost and attaching a chain on each side with a bolt going through the post. Or whatever works for your situation. It only took a couple minutes for me to remove the seapost. Now I can repair the bike. Your results may vary.


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