How To Repair Rapid Fire Trigger Shifters On Bike Easy Fix

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Get them working like new. How to fix trigger type shifters like Shimano Rapid Fire shifter that just don’t catch when you pull the trigger. I was tuning up a Specialized Hardrock Ultra mountain bike, and the shifter for the rear derailleur barely worked. It would shift a little bit if it caught just right. But mostly the trigger pulled back with little resistance. Basically, the grease inside them gets old and the parts don’t move freely. Most often, there is nothing actually broken. The pawl is just stuck with dirt and old dried grease. It just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. I used WD-40 to clean out the old grease. And I used Tri-Flow Superior Lubrication spray to lubricate it. But a good heavy oil or light spray grease will work for lubrication.

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