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Threadless Headset Overhaul (Clean/Lube/Replace Bearings/Replace Crown Race)

The headset on this bike felt very rough as I turned the handlebars. So it needed to be overhauled. I opened it up, cleaned it, replaced the bearings. The crown race had some damage, so I replaced it. I greased everything up and put it back together. I thought about replacing the whole headset, but …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Crank Cotter Pin With A Vise On Vintage Bike

I use a vise to remove a stuck wedge cotter pin from the crank of a 45 year old Raleigh bike. The pins in cottered cranks can be VERY difficult to remove. There are multiple ways to do it. The best way is to use a pin press if you have one, but most people …Read more »

Replacing The Nastiest Grossest Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips I Have Ever Seen

The rubber grips on this bike turned into a disgusting sticky goo. They seemed to have partially melted and were stuck to the handlebars. They were sticky and very gross. In this video, I remove the old nasty grips, clean the bars and mount new grips.

Repairing Shimano 105 Rear Derailleur With Slipped P-Tension Spring

I bought this Shimano 105 (RD-5700) rear derailleur on ebay for cheap. It was listed as not working/for parts. But I thought I could fix it. It came in the mail today. The P-tension spring had become disconnected from the cage plate. The P-tension spring is what pulls the cage back to keep the chain …Read more »

How To Repair Park Tool Floor Pump PFP-3/PFP-6 (Maintenance/Service)

I take apart and put together a Park Tool PFP-3 bike floor pump and show where the various o-rings are that might cause problems. I also show how to lubricate it. I include Park Tool part numbers for various parts. The Park Tool PFP-6 is pretty much the same as the PFP-3 with mostly the …Read more »