Repairing Shimano 105 Rear Derailleur With Slipped P-Tension Spring

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I bought this Shimano 105 (RD-5700) rear derailleur on ebay for cheap. It was listed as not working/for parts. But I thought I could fix it. It came in the mail today. The P-tension spring had become disconnected from the cage plate. The P-tension spring is what pulls the cage back to keep the chain tight. So I took it apart, cleaned it, got the holes adjusted, lubed it up and put it together. These would be some of the same steps if you were going to replace a broken P-tension spring. I also cleaned/lubed the pulleys. So now I have a working rear derailleur for a bargain price. And no, I don’t know what would have caused the spring to have come disconnected.

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