Bottom Brackets

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How To Remove Stuck/Seized/Frozen Bottom Bracket Fixed Cup

I show my favorite methods for stubborn, hard to remove bottom bracket drive side fixed cups from a bike. Watch to the end to see the fun method using an impact wrench! I have not encountered a fixed cup that I couldn’t get out. My goal is always not to damage the frame. BTW, the …Read more »

Square Taper Bottom Bracket To GXP Bottom Bracket Replacement

I show how to replace an older square taper bottom bracket with a modern SRAM Truvativ GXP (Giga X Pipe) bottom bracket. I also show how to remove and install the cranksets. This a cool upgrade/update to a vintage bike. This was part of my DIY cyclocross/gravel bike project. Build Cheap DIY Cyclocross Bike From …Read more »

How To Remove A Stuck Fixed Cup From Bike Bottom Bracket

I show how to remove a stubborn stuck fixed cup from a bike bottom bracket. I use a homemade tool consisting of a 5/8″ bolt, some washers and a nut. Sheldon Brown talked about this method on his website. There are other methods also, but this is a good one. This bike is a vintage …Read more »

How To Remove Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket Fast! Easy! Fun!

This is how I remove sealed cartridge bottom brackets. Removal in seconds. They can often be very tight, or even stuck/frozen/seized, but this method has always worked for me. And with the downward pressure, I get a good connection and am less likely to strip the notches/splines in the cup and tool. I used a …Read more »

Bike Noises – Find Them To Fix Them

Bikes can make the strangest noise. Squeaks, creaks, clicks, grinding, whirs, ticks, clunks, etc. The first step in fixing a noise on a bike is to locate where it is coming from. But noises can tricky. They can sound like they are coming from one place, but are actually coming from another. I talk about …Read more »