Bottom Brackets

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Convert From Cottered Crankset to Square Tapered Cranks/Bottom Bracket

I show how to replace a vintage cottered cranks/bottom bracket to a newer style square taper bottom bracket and crankset. Covered is removing the cottered crank set and bottom bracket, measuring, and choosing a new square taper BB, and installing the new bottom bracket.

Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket Disassembly/Assembly

How to overhaul/service a Shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket. I take it apart, clean, lube, replace the ball bearings and re-assemble it. This unit is a Shimano BB-TY30. But I think many, if not most Shimano sealed cartridge bottom brackets are built in the same way. The socket I use is a 13/16 inch deep …Read more »

Square Taper Bottom Bracket To GXP Bottom Bracket Replacement

I show how to replace an older square taper bottom bracket with a modern SRAM Truvativ GXP (Giga X Pipe) bottom bracket. I also show how to remove and install the cranksets. This a cool upgrade/update to a vintage bike. This was part of my DIY cyclocross/gravel bike project. Build Cheap DIY Cyclocross Bike From …Read more »

Overhaul Bottom Bracket On Vintage Peugeot Bike

I disassemble, clean, lube, replace the ball bearings and re-assemble the bottom bracket on a early 70’s Peugeot road bike. I believe it’s a UO-8. The bike was made in France so has the right hand threading for the fixed cup. The bearings are loose with eleven 1/4″ ball bearings on each side. I also …Read more »

How To Remove A Stuck Bottom Bracket Fixed Cup – Another Method

My previous favorite method to remove a hard to remove fixed up from a bottom bracket served me well. I used it to remove a bunch of fixed cups. But I finally encountered a fixed cup that I couldn’t remove. But by trying different things, I managed to get the cup off. And the new …Read more »