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Replace Caged Bearings With Loose Bearings In Bottom Bracket Overhaul

I show how to overhaul a bike bottom bracket, and replace the retainer cage bearings with loose bearings. The advantage of loose bearings is there are more bearings to take the load and not being in a cage, they can move more freely. The disadvantage is that they take more time/work to install. I disassemble, …Read more »

Replacing Bearings In A Bottom Bracket

I could feel some play in the bottom bracket that I could feel when I moved the cranks. I probably could have just adjusted the adjustable cup, But I wasn’t sure what the issue was. It could have been worn bearings, or some sort of damage. But I wouldn’t know that until I opened it …Read more »

Bottom Bracket Overhaul On Vintage Raleigh Tourist Bike

This is my 1970 Made In England Raleigh Tourist Rod-Brake bike. I am slowly going through it and cleaning it up. In this video I overhaul the bottom bracket which was a mess. Loose bearings. There were some kind of seeds inside the bottom bracket shell. I opened it up, which included a stuck fixed …Read more »

How To Remove A Stuck Fixed Cup From Bike Bottom Bracket

I show how to remove a stubborn stuck fixed cup from a bike bottom bracket. I use a homemade tool consisting of a 5/8″ bolt, some washers and a nut. Sheldon Brown talked about this method on his website. There are other methods also, but this is a good one. This bike is a vintage …Read more »

How To Upgrade Vintage Bike With Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket

I show how to replace the bottom bracket in a vintage bike with a sealed cartridge bottom bracket. The bike in the video is a early 90s Trek 1000 road bike.