Bottom Brackets

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Convert From Cottered Crankset to Square Tapered Cranks/Bottom Bracket

I show how to replace a vintage cottered cranks/bottom bracket to a newer style square taper bottom bracket and crankset. Covered is removing the cottered crank set and bottom bracket, measuring, and choosing a new square taper BB, and installing the new bottom bracket.

How To Overhaul A Bike Bottom Bracket – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings

This is how to overhaul the bottom bracket on an older style of bike before they started using sealed bearings. I show you how to remove and install new bearings as well as how to clean all the parts. This bike is a 1984 Schwinn LeTour Luxe, but most vintage bikes are similar. They might …Read more »

Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket Disassembly/Assembly

How to overhaul/service a Shimano sealed cartridge bottom bracket. I take it apart, clean, lube, replace the ball bearings and re-assemble it. This unit is a Shimano BB-TY30. But I think many, if not most Shimano sealed cartridge bottom brackets are built in the same way. The socket I use is a 13/16 inch deep …Read more »

How To Install SRAM Truvativ GXP Bottom Bracket

The GXP (Giga X Pipe) bottom bracket on my Jamis Comet triathlon bike was clicking when under torque such as climbing hills. And it was getting worse. The bike shop confirmed my belief that it was the bottom bracket. So I ordered a new one. I finally got the time to replace the old one. …Read more »

Overhaul Bottom Bracket On Vintage Peugeot Bike

I disassemble, clean, lube, replace the ball bearings and re-assemble the bottom bracket on a early 70’s Peugeot road bike. I believe it’s a UO-8. The bike was made in France so has the right hand threading for the fixed cup. The bearings are loose with eleven 1/4″ ball bearings on each side. I also …Read more »