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Right Lever Rear Brake/Left Lever Front Brake or Vice Versa – Why?

I have gotten questions/comments about why I connect the right brake lever to the rear brake and the left lever to the front brake. About how in other places the left lever works the rear brake and the right lever operates the front brake. I explain why it is one way in some places, and …Read more »

How Dangerous Are Bike Disc Brakes In A Crash?

Bike disc brakes have been in news for allegedly causing injuries to riders in crashes. So to demonstrate how sharp and dangerous they are, I stop a spinning disc brake rotor with my bare hand. Even though this disc brake is on a mountain bike, the disc brakes on road bikes aren’t much different. However …Read more »

Converting From Cantilever To V-Brakes

I show how to convert from cantilever brakes to V-brakes. The cantilever brakes on the bike were all broken when I got it. I could have replaced them with new cantilever brakes, but I decided to convert it over to v-brakes instead. Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike :  

Adjust/Center Side Pull Caliper Brakes That Are Hitting Rim Uneven

I show how to center side-pull caliper brakes on a road bike where one pad hits the rim before the other.

Installing Cross/Inline Brake Levers

I show how to install cyclocross/in-line/interrupter brake levers on my DIY homemade cyclocross/gravel bike. These are secondary levers on drop bars that allow the rider easy access to operate the brakes while riding in an upright position, such on rough terrain.