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Install Brake Cables On BMX Bike With Gyro/Rotor/Detangler

I show the process of replacing the upper and lower brake cables on a BMX bike equipped with a Gyro/rotor/detangler headset.

Converting Bike From V Brakes To Cantilever Brakes

This bike originally had cantilever brakes. But the guy I bought it from had converted it to V-brakes. But there were unused the cable stops and guides. And he zip tied a cable to the top tube. Pretty ugly. So I removed the v-brakes and installed brand new cantilever brakes. It looks much better.

Installing Cross/Inline Brake Levers

I show how to install cyclocross/in-line/interrupter brake levers on my DIY homemade cyclocross/gravel bike. These are secondary levers on drop bars that allow the rider easy access to operate the brakes while riding in an upright position, such on rough terrain.

How To Install A Problem Solvers Travel Agent

A Travel Agent allows short pull brake levers (ie for road brakes or cantilever brakes) to be used with long pull brakes such as V-brakes and mountain bike disc brakes. These are great if you want to use road type STI brake/shifters (brifters) with v-brakes such as on a cyclocross bike.  

Installing Ergo Brake Levers – Vintage Bike Update

I decided to update this vintage road bike. The bike came with non-aero brakes and safety levers. I had these Cane Creek ergonomic style brake levers lying around anyway. It’s a relatively easy and cheap upgrade and goes a long way to improving the bike. The bike is a 1987 Lotus Excelle Sport Series (made …Read more »