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How To Install A Problem Solvers Travel Agent

A Travel Agent allows short pull brake levers (ie for road brakes or cantilever brakes) to be used with long pull brakes such as V-brakes and mountain bike disc brakes. These are great if you want to use road type STI brake/shifters (brifters) with v-brakes such as on a cyclocross bike.  

Installing Ergo Brake Levers – Vintage Bike Update

I decided to update this vintage road bike. The bike came with non-aero brakes and safety levers. I had these Cane Creek ergonomic style brake levers lying around anyway. It’s a relatively easy and cheap upgrade and goes a long way to improving the bike. The bike is a 1987 Lotus Excelle Sport Series (made …Read more »

Adjust/Center Side Pull Caliper Brakes That Are Hitting Rim Uneven

I show how to center side-pull caliper brakes on a road bike where one pad hits the rim before the other.

Overhaul Sturmey Archer TCW III 3 Speed Hub w/ Coaster Brake

I show how to disassemble, clean, lube, and re-assemble a Sturmey-Archer (TCW III) 3 speed hub with coaster brake. A complete teardown/rebuild. The bike is a made in England Dunelt. The hub date stamped 68, so the bike is likely from 1968 or 69.

Replacing Shimano Altus Cantilever Brakes (Cracked Plastic Collars)

In this video I replace Shimano Altus cantilever brakes with broken plastic spring covers. All three bikes I was working on had the Shimano Altus brakes with the grey plastic spring covers (BR-CT90). All of them were broken, or at least cracked. I have tried to fix the plastic collars with epoxy and model glue, …Read more »