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Overhaul Sturmey Archer TCW III 3 Speed Hub w/ Coaster Brake

I show how to disassemble, clean, lube, and re-assemble a Sturmey-Archer (TCW III) 3 speed hub with coaster brake. A complete teardown/rebuild. The bike is a made in England Dunelt. The hub date stamped 68, so the bike is likely from 1968 or 69.

Replacing Shimano Altus Cantilever Brakes (Cracked Plastic Collars)

In this video I replace Shimano Altus cantilever brakes with broken plastic spring covers. All three bikes I was working on had the Shimano Altus brakes with the grey plastic spring covers (BR-CT90). All of them were broken, or at least cracked. I have tried to fix the plastic collars with epoxy and model glue, …Read more »

Converting From Cantilever To V-Brakes

I show how to convert from cantilever brakes to V-brakes. The cantilever brakes on the bike were all broken when I got it. I could have replaced them with new cantilever brakes, but I decided to convert it over to v-brakes instead. Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike :  

How To Fix Loud Squealing Screeching Bike Brakes

It can be embarrassing when you hit your brakes and they make a loud shrill squeal. There are multiple possible causes for the noisy screeching brakes. I go through the various steps to fix the brakes so they will be quiet.

How Dangerous Are Bike Disc Brakes In A Crash?

Bike disc brakes have been in news for allegedly causing injuries to riders in crashes. So to demonstrate how sharp and dangerous they are, I stop a spinning disc brake rotor with my bare hand. Even though this disc brake is on a mountain bike, the disc brakes on road bikes aren’t much different. However …Read more »