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How To Fix A Dropped Bike Chain

Occasionally everyone drops a bike chain (has it fall off the chain rings). I have seen people get stuck because they don’t know how to fix it. It’s very simple. I show how to easily fix a dropped bike chain.

How To Check/Measure Bike Chain Wear/Stretch

Do you need to replace your bike chain? I show you how to measure the wear on your bike chain. It’s very easy and important to do. If your chain is worn to a certain point, it is important to replace your chain. If you don’t then it will start wearing out your cassette/freewheel and …Read more »

How To Measure Bike Chain Wear With A Ruler

I was asked how to measure chain wear without using a gauge like Park Tool’s CC-3 or CC 3.2. So I made this video of how to measure chain stretch (wear) using a 12 inch ruler.