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How To Fix Bottom Bracket Noises

I show how to find and repair clicking, ticks, creaks, squeaks, knocks, clunks, or other strange annoying sounds coming from a bike bottom bracket or cranks while pedaling. I show the most common causes for noises and how to fix them. Keep in mind a noise can seem to be coming from the bottom bracket, …Read more »

Removing VERY Stuck Crank Arm With Damaged Threads

I battle to remove a hard stuck crank arm with damaged threads. I managed to get it off. If it hadn’t come off when it did, my next step was to heat up the crank arm with a heat gun while the puller had it under pressure. The aluminum might have expanded slightly allowing it …Read more »

Overhaul Vintage Italian Bottom Bracket

I diassemble, clean, replace the bearings, lubricate and re-assemble the bottom bracket on a 1974 Atala road bike. I also replaced the cotter pins which required filing new ones. Here is my video on making a cotter pin press:  

How To Measure Crank/Chainrings Size BCD

I show how to measure a chainring or crank to be able to replace a chain ring. The main things you need to know are the number of teeth and the BCD (Bolt Center Diameter). Well, and the number of holes. I show what to measure and how to calculate or look up the BCD. …Read more »

How To Remove Crank Arm With Stripped Threads

I show how to remove square taper bike cranks with stripped extractor threads where a puller won’t work. This method will allow you to remove a crankset without a regular puller tool. I used a 3″ three jaw gear puller tool such as used to remove pressed on pulleys and gears. I bought the tool …Read more »