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Bike Noises – Find Them To Fix Them

Bikes can make the strangest noise. Squeaks, creaks, clicks, grinding, whirs, ticks, clunks, etc. The first step in fixing a noise on a bike is to locate where it is coming from. But noises can tricky. They can sound like they are coming from one place, but are actually coming from another. I talk about …Read more »

Changing A Square Taper Crank Set

I replace the ugly mismatched crank set on a bike with a square taper spindle bottom bracket. Special tools used in this video: Park Tool Professional Pedal Wrench – PW-4 Park Tool Crank Puller

Installing Compact Crankset On DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike

I install a SRAM X5 crankset on my homebrew cyclocross bike. At the recent Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race, the bike just didn’t have low enough gearing to make it up some of the steeper hills. So I decided to install a new crankset with smaller chainrings. This also involved adding spacers to the …Read more »

How To Remove Stuck Crank Cotter Pin With A Hammer On Vintage Bike

I show how to remove a stubborn wedge cotter pin from a cottered crank using a hammer. This bike is a 1969 Raleigh, so the cotter pin may have been in there for 45 years.

How To Remove Crank Arm With Stripped Threads

I show how to remove square taper bike cranks with stripped extractor threads where a puller won’t work. This method will allow you to remove a crankset without a regular puller tool. I used a 3″ three jaw gear puller tool such as used to remove pressed on pulleys and gears. I bought the tool …Read more »