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How To Remove Stuck Crank Cotter Pin With A Vise On Vintage Bike

I use a vise to remove a stuck wedge cotter pin from the crank of a 45 year old Raleigh bike. The pins in cottered cranks can be VERY difficult to remove. There are multiple ways to do it. The best way is to use a pin press if you have one, but most people …Read more »

Convert One Piece Crank To Three Piece Crankset/Bottom Bracket

I show how to replace 1 piece (“Ashtabula”) cranks with modern 3 piece cranks using an adapter. These one piece cranks were mainly found on older American made bikes like Schwinn, Huffy, Ross, etc, BMX bikes, and childrens bikes. The bottom bracket shell is larger and the cups are pressed in. But with adapters, you …Read more »

How To Overhaul Bike Bottom Bracket With One Piece Crank

I show how to take apart the bottom bracket of a bike with a one piece crank, clean everything, install new bearings, lube it and put it back together again. The grease I use is just a good quality automotive type grease. This bike is a GT Bullet 24 inch kids mountain bike. I got …Read more »

Straightening A Bent Chainring

I show how to repair a bent chainring (chainwheel) on a bike. I bought this bike used (A vintage Legnano), but it needed some work. The chainring was bent when I got it. The tools I used were a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a VAR Chainring Straightener tool. But the job could have been …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Crank Arms On A Bike

I show how to remove and install crank arms on an older vintage bike with square tapered spindles. In the video, I use a Crank Arm Puller tool made by Park Tool. [asa comment=”Park Tool Crank Puller”]B0028YUZSS[/asa]