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Disassemble & Re-assemble Vintage Suntour Rear Derailleur

I show how to take apart, clean, lube and put back together a vintage Suntour rear derailleur. Unlike other derailleurs, to remove the pulleys, or at least the guide (jockey) pulley, you have to take these old Suntours apart. The derailleur in the video is a Suntour Vx GT. There are a couple dozen models …Read more »

How To Fix Derailleur Hanger With Stripped Threads

I show how to repair a stripped derailleur hanger using a “Dropout Saver” from Wheels Manufacturing. I also discuss several other possible methods for fixing a stripped derailleur hanger. I know people are going to ask where to get the dropout savers. I got them on Amazon. Here are links to them: Narrow Dropout Saver …Read more »

Repairing Shimano 105 Rear Derailleur With Slipped P-Tension Spring

I bought this Shimano 105 (RD-5700) rear derailleur on ebay for cheap. It was listed as not working/for parts. But I thought I could fix it. It came in the mail today. The P-tension spring had become disconnected from the cage plate. The P-tension spring is what pulls the cage back to keep the chain …Read more »

Replacing Rear Derailleur Sachs Huret to Suntour Mountech

I bought a 1984 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe, and for some reason a previous owner had replaced the rear derailleur. Maybe it broke. I found a Suntour Mountech rear derailleur on ebay similar to what came originally on the bike. It cost less than $10, so I bought. I made this video of the process …Read more »

Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike

The shifters/brake levers on a Specialized Hardrock were trashed, so I needed to replace them. I bought some brand new Shimano ST-EF51 integrated shifter/V brake levers. I show the process of installing them in this video. I also replace the cables and cable housings.