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Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike

The shifters/brake levers on a Specialized Hardrock were trashed, so I needed to replace them. I bought some brand new Shimano ST-EF51 integrated shifter/V brake levers. I show the process of installing them in this video. I also replace the cables and cable housings.

Installing Shimano FD CX70 Front Derailleur On DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike

I install a Shimano FD CX70 front derailleur on my home built cyclocross bike. This is to accommodate the smaller chainrings of the SRAM X5 crankset. The Ultegra front derailleur had worked, but not as well as I would have liked. As a follow up, I am going to get another clamp adapter and grind …Read more »

Derailleur Limiting Screws – What Are They? How To Adjust Limit Screws

I had a viewer ask how to adjust the limit screws on a bike derailleur. And I have also had some viewers that didn’t understand exactly what the limiting screws were for. So I explain what they do and show how to adjust them on both front and rear derailleurs.

How To Adjust The B Screw On A Rear Bike Derailleur

I have been asked a few times about the B tension screw found on many rear derailleurs and about adjusting it. So I shot a video on how to do the b screw adjustment and here it is.

Fix Bike Rear Derailleur That Won’t Shift Into Highest Gear/Small Cog

I show the steps how to diagnose and repair a rear derailleur that wont shift to the high gears/small cogs.