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How To Adjust The B Screw On A Rear Bike Derailleur

I have been asked a few times about the B tension screw found on many rear derailleurs and about adjusting it. So I shot a video on how to do the b screw adjustment and here it is.

How To Fix Derailleur Hanger With Stripped Threads

I show how to repair a stripped derailleur hanger using a “Dropout Saver” from Wheels Manufacturing. I also discuss several other possible methods for fixing a stripped derailleur hanger. I know people are going to ask where to get the dropout savers. I got them on Amazon. Here are links to them: Narrow Dropout Saver …Read more »

Disassemble & Re-assemble Vintage Suntour Rear Derailleur

I show how to take apart, clean, lube and put back together a vintage Suntour rear derailleur. Unlike other derailleurs, to remove the pulleys, or at least the guide (jockey) pulley, you have to take these old Suntours apart. The derailleur in the video is a Suntour Vx GT. There are a couple dozen models …Read more »

How To Replace/Upgrade Rear Derailleur On A Bike

I show how to replace a rear bike derailleur. In the video, I replace the Shimano 105 Derailleur with a Shimano 600 model. It’s a minor upgrade, but I have already upgraded the most of the rest of the parts on my 1990 Trek 1000 to Shimano 600. And I got the derailleur on eBay …Read more »

Replacing Simplex Derailleur Pulleys

The pulleys on Simplex rear derailleurs were notoriously brittle and would crack and break. And they got worse with age. The pulleys on my vintage Peugeot UO-8 were broken and chewed down to nothing. But like many other things on French bikes, they were made to different size specs than most other bikes. The bolt …Read more »