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How To Diagnose/Repair Stiff/Sticky Shifting On A Bike

I show how to figure out why the shifting on your bike is sticky on your bike. I am talking about when the shifter is harder to move than it should be. This is a common question I am asked. So I made this video. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are multiple …Read more »

Fixing Shimano Sora Rear Derailleur With Slipped Cage

I repair a Shimano Sora rear derailleur with a cage that slipped past it’s stop point. Originally I thought it was slipped P spring, but that wasn’t the case. I show how to disassemble and re-assemble the cage pivot.

How To Adjust Campagnolo Gran Sport/Valentino Front Derailleur

I show how to connect the shift cable and adjust vintage Campagnolo push rod type front derailleurs like the Gran Sport and Valentino.

Sachs Huret DuoPar Eco Rear Derailleur Overhaul – Disassembly/Re-Assembly

I teardown, clean, lube, and rebuild a vintage Sachs Huret DuoPar Eco Rear Derailleur. I also installed new bearings into the guide pulley.

How To Replace A Rear Derailleur Shifter Cable

I replace the rear shifter cable on a GT Bullet mountain bike. (It only has the one derailleur) The old cable was kind of rusty and looked like junk. It worked fine, but since I am going to sell the bike, I don’t mind spending a couple bucks to make the bike look better and …Read more »