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6/7 Speed Freewheel To 8/9/10 Speed Cassette Bike Conversion

I upgrade my vintage road bike from 12 speed (2×6) with downtube friction shifters, to 16 speed (2×8) with STI brifters. This process includes expanding the rear triangle (chain stays/seat stays) from 126mm to 130mm between the dropouts so the wider wheel will fit in the dropouts. You only want to do this on a …Read more »

Replacing Shifters/Brake Levers/Cables/Housings On Trek 4300 Mountain Bike

I show the process of removing the old trigger shifters/brake levers and installing brand new shifters/brake levers along with new shift cables/brake cables and housings. The bike is a Trek 4300 mountain bike.

Installing Trigger Shifters/V Brake Levers On Mountain Bike

The shifters/brake levers on a Specialized Hardrock were trashed, so I needed to replace them. I bought some brand new Shimano ST-EF51 integrated shifter/V brake levers. I show the process of installing them in this video. I also replace the cables and cable housings.

Replacing A Bent Derailleur Hanger

The derailleur/hanger on this bike were trashed. I found the hanger was not only bent, it was installed incorrectly and being held on by the quick release skewer. I replace the bent hanger with a brand new derailleur hanger. The bike is a 2005 Specialized Hardrock Sport.

How To Repair Stiff/Frozen Rear Derailleur Mounting Pivot

The rear derailleur should be able to pivot on the mounting bolt and be able to spring back to its original position. But the derailleur on the bike I was working was really stiff and only pivoted back if I pushed it. So I disassembled the bit of the derailleur that held the mounting bolt …Read more »