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Landrider Auto Shift Rear Derailleur – How It Works (Auto Shifting Bike)

I show how a Landrider Auto Shift rear derailleur automatically shifts gears by itself. It’s a clever device that does automatic shifting based on the speed of the bike. When the rear wheel starts spinning faster, the dereailleur automatically shifts to a smaller cog/higher gear. It’s like an automatic transmission for a bike. FAQ: Where …Read more »

How To Disassemble/Assemble A Rear Derailleur

I show how to take apart, clean, lube and put back together a rear bike derailleur. The derailleur I used in the video is a Shimano RD-5600 road bike derailleur. Other derailleurs will be similar, but may have differences, especially where removing the cage from the main derailleur body.

How To Repair Stiff/Frozen Rear Derailleur Mounting Pivot

The rear derailleur should be able to pivot on the mounting bolt and be able to spring back to its original position. But the derailleur on the bike I was working was really stiff and only pivoted back if I pushed it. So I disassembled the bit of the derailleur that held the mounting bolt …Read more »

Suntour Seven Rear Derailleur Overhaul – Disassembly/Re-Assembly

I teardown a vintage Suntour Seven/7 (RD-1900) rear derailleur, then clean, lube, and reassemble it again.

7 Speed To 10 Speed Drive Train Upgrade – DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike Project

I show the process of upgrading my homebrew cyclocross bike from a 7 speed drive train, up to a 10 speed drive train. I replaced the cassette, rear derailleur, chain, and shifters along with new cables. Build Cheap DIY Cyclocross Bike From Hybrid: