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Removing A Seized Seatpost with Coke/Coca-Cola – Does It Work?

I have read and been told that Coca-Cola will work to free a stuck/frozen seatpost. One person even said that after putting Coke in the seat tube for a couple days, the seatpost would slide right out. So I decided to test the Coke method of seatpost removal. I left the frame with Coke in …Read more »

RockShox Indy S Shocks/Forks Service – Disassembly/Clean/Lube/Assembly

I show how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and re-assemble Rock Shox Indy S suspension forks. This maintenance is recommended every year or 100 hours of riding. The docs say to use 8W. but I used 5W oil, because that is what I had. Tekton Extra Long Hex Bit Socket Set:

Cheap Easy Tool To Clean Inside Bike Seat Tube

I show how to clean rust and corrosion from the inside of a bike seat tube using a cheap and easy to make tool. This is useful for cleaning out a seat tube after removing a seized seatpost. There is often ugly oxidation left over from the galvanic reaction between the aluminum seat post and …Read more »

How To Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble RST 191 CS Forks/Shocks

I show how to tear down, lubricate, and rebuild RST 191CS suspension forks/shocks. These shocks were on a Trek 820 mountain bike. Basic maintenance/service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen. The grease I used is Slickoleum AKA Slick Honey.

Destroyed Derailleur/Bent Twisted Hanger – I Can Fix This!

I found a free Trek dumpster bike with a broken mangled derailleur. It was ripped in half! And the derailleur hanger was twisted around almost 45 degrees. The bike was trashed, but hey, it was free! I am guessing the derailleur hit something, and the cage was torn from the body. Maybe the cage got …Read more »