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Checking Bike Frame Alignment With String

I show how to check the alignment of a bicycle frame using just a piece of string and a ruler. This is not as accurate as using an actual frame alignment gauge, but is cheap and easily available. If the frame is made of steel, the alignment can probably be fixed. How To Make A …Read more »

Rolling Out Bike Frame Dents With Frame/Tube Blocks

I show how to roll out dents in steel bicycle frame tubes using frame blocks/tube blocks). This will not completely remove the dents, but will help make them smaller, and also reduce the high spots making the tube round. I will still need to fill in the remaining smaller dent. In the video I am …Read more »

Cold Setting A Bike Frame (126mm to 130mm Hub Spacing)

I show how to expand the rear triangle of a steel bike frame to allow a newer wheel with wider hub spacing (ie a 6-7 speed rear wheel on a road bike is typically 126mm wide, and a 8,9,10 speed wheel is 130mm wide). The process is called cold setting and should only be done …Read more »

Finding And Revealing Bike Serial Number Hidden Under Paint

I bought a mystery bike that had been repainted, but few clues to what kind it was. It has Zeus derailleurs and dropouts, Stronglight cranks and various other clues suggesting it is a quality bike. It might be a Zeus bike. To help identify what it might be, I tried to find the serial number. …Read more »

Replacing A Bent Bike Fork

I replace the bent fork on a 1960’s English 3 speed bicycle. I bought a vintage Dunelt bike, and hadn’t realized the fork was bent. I considered trying to straighten it. If I was going to keep the bike, then maybe. But I was going to sell it, and couldn’t good conscience sell the bike …Read more »