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How To Replace A Freehub Body On A Bike Wheel

The cassette on the bike was not turning smoothly in reverse. It had a gritty kind of feel and there was more play than I though there should be. So I was pretty sure the freehub was both dirty and worn. So I replaced the freehub body. I show the whole process of removing the …Read more »

How To Make A Freewheel Louder

Some viewers have asked how to make a freewheel make a louder clicking/ticking noise. I show how to do it by flushing out the lubrication and replacing it with a thinner oil. This will shorten the life of the freewheel and make it wear out faster. Fortunately, the bearings in the freewheel aren’t under the …Read more »

How To Fix A Sticky Freewheel

I show how to clean and lube a sticky freewheel that is gummed up with old grease. The problem was the wheel would stop spinning quickly. It’s a minor issue, but might as well fix it. It would only get worse.

What Is Inside A Bike Freewheel/How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a bike free wheel looks like? What is inside of one? How they work? I take an old freewheel apart and show you the parts that are inside and talk about how it works. The freewheel is a 6 speed Shimano, but they all pretty much the …Read more »

Simple Trick To Remove Stuck Freewheel From A Bike Wheel

I show how I remove a stuck/hard to remove freewheel. It’s pretty easy. I think it allows you to apply much more leverage than the usual suggestion of using a bench mounted vise.