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Simple Trick To Remove Stuck Freewheel From A Bike Wheel

I show how I remove a stuck/hard to remove freewheel. It’s pretty easy. I think it allows you to apply much more leverage than the usual suggestion of using a bench mounted vise.

How To Make A Freewheel Quieter

I show how to quiet down a loud, noisy freewheel.

How To Fix A Sticky Freehub

The usual reason a freehub gets sticky, is the old grease/oil inside becomes thick and congealed. I show how to remove the freehub, clean the old grease out, lube and re-install the freehub for a bike wheel cassette.

How To Clean, Degrease and Lube a Bike Freewheel

Using an old dirty freewheel, I show how to degrease, clean, and lubricate a freewheel for a bike. This wheel was in my garage, and I can’t remember what it came from. But it was pretty dirty. So I figured it would make a good example for how to clean a freewheel. I use WD-40 …Read more »

How To Check Cassette/Freewheel Wear With Rohloff HG Check Tool

I show how to check for a worn freewheel or cassette using a Rohloff HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator. This tool is designed for Shimano HG freewheels and cassettes but may work on other brands as well. Rohloff HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator at Amazon: