Freewheels & Cassettes

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Bicycle Freewheel Disassembly/Assembly

I show how to disassemble and re-assemble a freewheel from a bike wheel. I also clean and lube the freewheel parts. I didn’t replace the bearings. I just cleaned them and reused them. But if they show wear or damage, they are not too expensive to replace. The bearings in this freewheel were 1/8″ bearings. …Read more »

Removing Stuck Freewheel Wheel After Tool Failed

As I was getting ready to rebuild the rear wheel from a 1974 Atala road bike, I needed to remove the freewheel. I used the proper tool. The Regina Extra freewheel has two notches that the tool fits into. I used the skewer to hold the tool in place so it wouldn’t slip, As I …Read more »

How To Remove/Install Cogs On A Freewheel

I show how to disassemble the cogs from a bike freewheel and then reassemble them again.

How To Change A Cassette On A Bike

I show how to replace a cassette on a bicycle wheel. This is my Jamis Comet tri bike. I wanted to install a cassette with lower gearing for the hilly terrain where I live. So I remove the higher geared cassette and install a lower geared cassette. This is the Pedros lock ring tool I …Read more »

Repair Freewheel That Spins Both Ways

I show how to fix a freewheel is slipping or not engaging, so that when you pedal, the freewheel spins, but the wheel does not turn with it.