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How To Fix A Sticky Freewheel

I show how to clean and lube a sticky freewheel that is gummed up with old grease. The problem was the wheel would stop spinning quickly. It’s a minor issue, but might as well fix it. It would only get worse.

How To Fix A Sticky Freehub

The usual reason a freehub gets sticky, is the old grease/oil inside becomes thick and congealed. I show how to remove the freehub, clean the old grease out, lube and re-install the freehub for a bike wheel cassette.

6/7 Speed Freewheel To 8/9/10 Speed Cassette Bike Conversion

I upgrade my vintage road bike from 12 speed (2×6) with downtube friction shifters, to 16 speed (2×8) with STI brifters. This process includes expanding the rear triangle (chain stays/seat stays) from 126mm to 130mm between the dropouts so the wider wheel will fit in the dropouts. You only want to do this on a …Read more »

How To Remove Freewheel Without Remover Tool

I show how to remove a freewheel from a bike wheel without using a special freewheel remover tool. This can be done if the freewheel remover tool is not available such as for off-brand freewheels. Or if the notches for the remover tool are damaged. Or if you just don’t want to buy the remover …Read more »

Simple Trick To Remove Stuck Freewheel From A Bike Wheel

I show how I remove a stuck/hard to remove freewheel. It’s pretty easy. I think it allows you to apply much more leverage than the usual suggestion of using a bench mounted vise.