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How To Change A Cassette On A Bike

I show how to replace a cassette on a bicycle wheel. This is my Jamis Comet tri bike. I wanted to install a cassette with lower gearing for the hilly terrain where I live. So I remove the higher geared cassette and install a lower geared cassette. This is the Pedros lock ring tool I …Read more »

Repair Freewheel That Spins Both Ways

I show how to fix a freewheel is slipping or not engaging, so that when you pedal, the freewheel spins, but the wheel does not turn with it.

Single Speed Freewheel Overhaul – Disassembly/Assembly

How to tear down, clean, lube and rebuild a single speed freewheel. I install brand new bearings. Other models of singlespeed freewheels might be slightly different require modified procedures. This freewheel was from a Trek Subvert 1.0 BMX bike.

How To Change A Freewheel On A Bike

I show how to replace the freewheel on a bicycle wheel. I replace a worn Sachs freewheel with a new Shimano freewheel. This is the Park Tool FR-1 tool that I used in the video. It’s actually the one I use most often. But depending on what freewheels you are dealing with, you may …Read more »

Can I Update Wheel From 7 Speed Cassette To 8, 9, or 10 Speed Cassette?

I occasionally get asked by viewers if they can update a bike wheel from a 7 speed cassette, to an 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette. The answer is maybe. I explain and show what to look for to tell if you can replace the 7 speed cassette with a cassette with more cogs. Freewheel …Read more »