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How To Remove Freewheel Without Remover Tool

I show how to remove a freewheel from a bike wheel without using a special freewheel remover tool. This can be done if the freewheel remover tool is not available such as for off-brand freewheels. Or if the notches for the remover tool are damaged. Or if you just don’t want to buy the remover …Read more »

How To Remove & Install A Cassette On A Bike Wheel

I needed to change the cassette on my tri bike, so while I was at it, I shot a quick how-to video for anyone who might want to change theirs. My triathlon bike originally came with a 11-23 cassette. That worked fine when I did the Louisville Ironman. But when I did the Lake Placid …Read more »

Freewheel vs Cassette – What Are They? Can I Convert?

I show close up the differences between freewheels and cassettes. I also show how they mount to the wheel. Hopefully this will help people identify whether they have a cassette or a freewheel. Freewheels usually have 5 – 7 cogs and screw on to the hub. Modern cassettes (like Shimano Hyperglide) usually have 7 – …Read more »

Freehub Body Disassembly/Assembly

I show how to disassemble and assemble a Shimano freehub body. I clean, lube and install new bearings into the freehub. I basically overhaul/rebuild the freehub. Generally, freehubs are not meant to be taken apart like this. The common thing is to just replace them, or to flush them and lube them like I do …Read more »

How To Remove/Install A Freewheel On A Bike Wheel

Removing and installing a freewheel on a bicycle wheel is pretty easy to do. In this video, I show you how to do it. You will need a freewheel remover tool which costs about $10 or less. Knowing how to remove a freewheel is useful if you want to change the gearing on your bike, …Read more »