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How To Change A Cassette On A Bike

I show how to replace a cassette on a bicycle wheel. This is my Jamis Comet tri bike. I wanted to install a cassette with lower gearing for the hilly terrain where I live. So I remove the higher geared cassette and install a lower geared cassette. This is the Pedros lock ring tool I …Read more »

How To Change A Freewheel On A Bike

I show how to replace the freewheel on a bicycle wheel. I replace a worn Sachs freewheel with a new Shimano freewheel. This is the Park Tool FR-1 tool that I used in the video. It’s actually the one I use most often. But depending on what freewheels you are dealing with, you may …Read more »

How To Remove/Clean/Degrease/Lube/Install A Freehub Body On A Bike Wheel

I show how to remove the freehub body, flush it out with solvent, lubricate it, and then install it back onto the wheel. This can be done if the freehub feels rough or sticky. This video also includes and hub overhaul. Bike tools that I used in this video: Park Tool SR-2 Sprocket Remover (chain …Read more »

How To Replace A Freehub Body On A Bike Wheel

The cassette on the bike was not turning smoothly in reverse. It had a gritty kind of feel and there was more play than I though there should be. So I was pretty sure the freehub was both dirty and worn. So I replaced the freehub body. I show the whole process of removing the …Read more »

What Is Inside A Bike Freewheel/How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a bike free wheel looks like? What is inside of one? How they work? I take an old freewheel apart and show you the parts that are inside and talk about how it works. The freewheel is a 6 speed Shimano, but they all pretty much the …Read more »