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How To Remove Stuck Handlebar Quill Stem – Worst Case Scenario!

I have been asked several times how to remove a frozen quill stem. But none of the bikes I was working on had frozen stems. Or they were only a little bit stuck and were so easily removed that it wasn’t worth making a video. Then I hit the jackpot with this bike. It was …Read more »

How To Wrap Triathlon Bike Aerobars & Basebar Handles

How to tape wrap the aerobars/basebar of a tri bike.

How To Replace Triathlon Bike Aerobars/Basebar/Levers/Cables (Remove/Installation)

I show how to replace the cockpit on a tri bike. I remove the Profile Design basebar, T1+ aerobars and install FSA Vision basebar, aerobars, brake levers along with cables and housings. I keep the Dura Ace shifters that were on the Profile Design aerobars. The original aerobars on my Jamis Comet were made by …Read more »

How To Install Contour Grips On A Mountain Bike

I bought these Specialized BG Contour Narrow Locking Grips to replace the stock grips on my mountain bike. I made this video showing the process of installing them. I show just the one side, but just repeat the steps on the other side. I was looking at some non-locking contoured grips made by Bontrager. But …Read more »

Profile Design T1 Plus Aerobars – Problem With Design

The Profile Design T1 Plus Aerobars have a big design flaw. If you hit a bump, the arm rests may slip. And then you have to take them half apart just to move them back up again. I have the T1+ aerobars. But the T2+, T3+and T4+ aerobars all seem to have the same design. …Read more »