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How To Identify Threaded/Threadless Forks/Stems On A Bike

I show how to tell whether a bike has a threaded or threadless fork/stem. I show and explain the differences between the two types.

Replace Caged Bearings With Loose Bearings In Bike Headset

I show how to replace bearings in retainer cages with loose ball bearings. Bearings in cages are easier to install. But loose bearings have an advantage in that you have more bearings to distribute impacts. Cages also restrict movement of the bearings so that repeated impacts will be focused in the same spots. Loose ball …Read more »

Replace Bike Headset With Cheap Homemade Tools

I change a bike headset using tools that can be made easily and cheaply. I remove the old headset, and install a brand new headset. This includes a homemade bearing cup remover, bearing cup press, and crown race setter. I include links to videos that explain how to make these tools yourself. This is a …Read more »

How To Make A Headset Cup Remover Tool

This is my homemade tool to remove headset bearing cups from a bike frame. This is similar to the Park Tool RT-1 Head Cup Remover tool. It cost about $3 to make. I made it from a piece of 3/4″ electrical conduit that I bought at the hardware store. The only tools used to make …Read more »

How To Make A Headset Cup Press/Install Tool

This is my homemade bearing cup press. It works similar to the Park Tool HHP-3 to install the bearing cups into the head tube of a bike frame. It cost less than $8 to make. So relatively cheap to build. It was made from a 12 inch piece of 1/2″ threaded rod, 4-6 fender washers, …Read more »