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How To Remove/Install A Crown Race With Cheap/Homemade Tools

I show you how to replace the crown race on a bike fork without using expensive tools. I removed the crown race using a flat tip screwdriver and a hammer. Then I installed the crown race using a tool that you can make for $5 from a piece of PCV pipe and a cap.

How To Remove/Install A Crown Race With Really Expensive Tools

I remove the crown race with my Park Tool CRP-2 Adjustable Crown Race Puller. Then I install the crown race using my Park Tool CRS-1 Crown Race Setting System. These are the types of tools that you will likely find in professional bike shops. If you would like a cheaper way to remove/install a crown …Read more »

Threadless Headset Overhaul (Clean/Lube/Replace Bearings/Replace Crown Race)

The headset on this bike felt very rough as I turned the handlebars. So it needed to be overhauled. I opened it up, cleaned it, replaced the bearings. The crown race had some damage, so I replaced it. I greased everything up and put it back together. I thought about replacing the whole headset, but …Read more »

How To Repair Loose Threaded Headset/Fork Play

The bike I was working on had a loose headset. This allowed the fork to wiggle back and forth slightly when I moved the handle bars. I show how to tighten up the headset to remove the play.

How To Overhaul Bike Headset – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings

I overhaul the threaded headset on a 1984 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe. The cups and races were good, so I didn’t have to replace those. I cleaned everything and installed new bearings.