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How To Remove/Install A Crown Race With Really Expensive Tools

I remove the crown race with my Park Tool CRP-2 Adjustable Crown Race Puller. Then I install the crown race using my Park Tool CRS-1 Crown Race Setting System. These are the types of tools that you will likely find in professional bike shops. If you would like a cheaper way to remove/install a crown …Read more »

How To Identify Threaded/Threadless Forks/Stems On A Bike

I show how to tell whether a bike has a threaded or threadless fork/stem. I show and explain the differences between the two types.

How To Repair Loose Threaded Headset/Fork Play

The bike I was working on had a loose headset. This allowed the fork to wiggle back and forth slightly when I moved the handle bars. I show how to tighten up the headset to remove the play.

Replace Caged Bearings With Loose Bearings In Bike Headset

I show how to replace bearings in retainer cages with loose ball bearings. Bearings in cages are easier to install. But loose bearings have an advantage in that you have more bearings to distribute impacts. Cages also restrict movement of the bearings so that repeated impacts will be focused in the same spots. Loose ball …Read more »

How To Overhaul Bike Headset – Remove/Clean/Install New Bearings

I overhaul the threaded headset on a 1984 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe. The cups and races were good, so I didn’t have to replace those. I cleaned everything and installed new bearings.