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Raleigh 3 Speed Bike Front Wheel Hub Overhaul

I show how to remove, overhaul, lubricate, re-assemble, mount and adjust the front wheel hub on a vintage Raleigh 3 speed bicycle (made in Nottingham England). It’s a little different than other front wheel hubs in that there are no lock nuts on the cones. And they only have one adjustable cone. The right cone …Read more »

How To Adjust Cable/Shifting On Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub

I show how to attach the cable and adjust the shifting with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and shifter. This is my 1970 (made in England) Raleigh Tourist. I overhauled the 3 speed hub and needed to set up the shifting again. I demonstrate the whole process.

Overhaul/Repair Bendix 70 Coaster Brake Hub

I got a cruiser bike with a coaster brake hub that didn’t work. The bike was free, and I thought I could fix it. In this video, I take the hub apart, clean it, lubricate it, replace the bearings and put it bake together again. Now it works great. The hub is a Bendix 70. …Read more »

Bike Wheel Hub Overhaul

I show you how to overhaul the hub of a front bike wheel. I have another video showing how to do the back wheel also. They are basically the same, except the back wheel has a few more steps. This is pretty easy to do. You take the hub apart, clean the parts, grease up …Read more »

Overhaul Rear Wheel Hub Of BMX Bike

I disassemble, clean, install new bearings, lube and reassemble the rear wheel hub of a Trek Subvert 1.0 BMX bike.