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1954 Indian Scout Project Bike

Vintage 1954 Indian Scout bicycle. It was made by the Phillips company in England and sold by the Indian Motorcycle Company in the US. It’s going to need a bunch of work. I am going to try to restore it closer to original. It needs fenders, stripped and repainted, decals, matching brake levers, proper grips, …Read more »

Trek 330 Sport Bike – From Thrift Store To Ready To Sell

I bought this 1989 Trek 330 Sport Bike at a thrift store for $70. I thought it would be fun to clean it up and resell, and a make a few bucks in the process. Part of me just hated seeing a good bike in such sad shape. If I didn’t already have a good …Read more »

How To Find The Model Year Of Your Trek Bike

I show you the steps I use to find the model year of Trek bikes. It takes a little bit of research on your part, but I show you where to go, and what to look for. I have used this method a bunch of times. I have had the best success with looking up …Read more »

Replace Mountain Bike Grips

How to replace worn/torn mountain bike grips. The grips on the GT bike that I am working on were trashed. I picked up some pulled grips at the local bike shop for $5. The new grips will definitely make the bike look better when I go to resell it.

How To Install Bottle Cage On Scott Spark 60 Mountain Bike

I wanted to mount a water bottle cage on my Scott Spark 60 mountain bike. The problem was that the screws where you would normally install a bottle cage were being used to hold down cables. I removed the screws and found they were too short to hold down both the cage and cables. So …Read more »