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Bike Noises – Find Them To Fix Them

Bikes can make the strangest noise. Squeaks, creaks, clicks, grinding, whirs, ticks, clunks, etc. The first step in fixing a noise on a bike is to locate where it is coming from. But noises can tricky. They can sound like they are coming from one place, but are actually coming from another. I talk about …Read more »

Shimano PD-M324 Pedal Overhaul – Clean/Lube/Install New Bearings

A viewer asked if I had a video on how to overhaul Shimano PD M324 combination clipless/clip pedals (SPD/platform). I didn’t have a video, but I did have a pair of the pedals lying around. So I shot a video servicing the pedals, taking them apart, cleaning and lubing them and putting them back together …Read more »

Repairing Stripped Crank Arm Pedal Threads

I fix the stripped pedal mounting threads in an aluminum crank arm. The original pedals had been seized in the cranks (probably galvanic corrosion between the steel pedal axles and the aluminum cranks). I managed to get them off, but they removed some of the threads with them. Using a Unior Pedal Tap and Thread …Read more »

Remove Bonded Aluminum From Pedal Spindle Threads

I show you how to easily remove aluminum bonded into the spindle threads of a bicycle pedal. I had a bike pedal that was seized in an aluminum crank arm. I managed to get the pedal out, but some of the aluminum crank arm threads were bonded to the steel spindle threads. Probably galvanic reaction …Read more »

Shimano SPD Pedal Overhaul – Clean/Lube/Install New Bearings

I show how to service Shimano SPD bike pedals (disassemble, clean, replace ball bearings, grease, re-assemble). The bearings are 3/32 inch size, and each pedal takes 24 of them. This pedal seemed kind of rough when turning. I probably could have just adjusted the cone on the bearings, but decided to to an overhaul instead.