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Bike Shifters Won’t Shift – The Most Common Cause

I take apart a trigger shifter and show the most common reason why old shifters won’t shift. This applies to both mountain bike trigger shifters as well as road bike STI type shifters. I fix the shifter in the video and include links to a couple videos showing how to fix these types of shifters …Read more »

Repair Shimano STX RC Trigger Shifter That Won’t Shift

The Shimano STX RC shifter on an Iron Horse MT500R mountain bike wasn’t shifting right. It would shift from the small ring to the middle ring. But the shifter wouldn’t catch to shift to the big ring. I show you how to easily fix this with WD-40.

How to Replace Internal Routed Cables

I show how to feed new brake/shifter cable housings through bike frame tubes. I show two methods. The first method is where a cable housing is already routed through the frame. The second method is where there isn’t already a cable through the frame. This will allow you to install brand new cable housings on …Read more »

How To Replace Shifter Cable On Shimano Revoshift Shifters

I show the process as I remove the old shift cable and install a new cable in a Shimano SL RS35 Revoshift shifter.

How To Clean & Lube Grip Shift Shifters

I show how to remove, clean, lubricate and install a SRAM Grip Shift shifter. There are different models of Grip Shift shifters. This video only shows one style. But other models are similar. I have other videos that show the process of installing the cable on different styles of GripShift twist shifters. I also explain …Read more »