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How To Diagnose/Repair Stiff/Sticky Shifting On A Bike

I show how to figure out why the shifting on your bike is sticky on your bike. I am talking about when the shifter is harder to move than it should be. This is a common question I am asked. So I made this video. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are multiple …Read more »

How To Repair Rapid Fire Trigger Shifters On Bike Easy Fix

Get them working like new. How to fix trigger type shifters like Shimano Rapid Fire shifter that just don’t catch when you pull the trigger. I was tuning up a Specialized Hardrock Ultra mountain bike, and the shifter for the rear derailleur barely worked. It would shift a little bit if it caught just right. …Read more »

How To Replace Shift Cable In Shimano EZ Fire Shifter (ST EF28)

I show how to change the shift cables on Shimano EZ Fire trigger Shifters (ST EF28). These shifters are integrated with V-Brake brake levers.

How To Replace Shifter Cable On SRAM 3.0/MRX Comp Grip Shift Shifters

I show how to replace shift cables in SRAM 3.0 Comp and MRX Comp shifters. The instructions from SRAM say push the cable out, and push the new one in. However, that doesn’t actually work. So I show how to remove the shifter, open it up and insert a new cable.

How To Fix STI Shifters (Brifters) That Won’t Shift

This is an easy fix. These STI shifters (integrated brake/shifters or brifters) were advertised on eBay as not shifting. I bought them at a good price, knowing I could probably repair them. When I got them, they had the problem I they would have where the pawls just don’t seem to catch. Most times when …Read more »