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How To Convert From Downtube Shifters To STI Shifters (Brifters) On Vintage Bike

I show and explain the whole conversion process as I upgrade an early 90’s Trek road bike from downtube shifters and install Shimano STI shifters (brifters or integrated brake/shifters). This definitely brings new life to an old bike. The shifters I use in this upgrade are Shimano Sora 3×7 shifters. But Shimano RSX 3×7 shifters …Read more »

Disassemble Broken Shimano 105 Shifter (Left ST-5600)

My Shimano 105 Shifter (Left ST-5600) wasn’t shifting. It seemed to work fine when not connect. But when hooked up to the derailleur, it would shift to the large gear, but not back down to the small gear. I tried cleaning and lubing it, but it just wouldn’t work. So I decided to take it …Read more »

How To Repair Shimano Alivio Trigger Shifter That Won’t Shift

This is how to fix a Shimano Alivio trigger type shifter that doesn’t shift. The symptom is that you move the trigger, but it just doesn’t catch. the problem is that the pawl mechanism inside the shifter is stuck due to dried grease. You need to clean the old grease out and lubricate it. This …Read more »

Fix Suntour X-Press Accushift Plus Shifters – Stiff/Not Shifting

I show you how to easily repair Suntour X-Press Accushift Plus trigger shifters that are stiff/stuck and won’t shift. The problem is generally just old, dried grease. You need to clean out the old grease and lube the shifters. This is a Trek 850 mountain bike.  

How To Replace Shift Cable In Sachs Power Grip Plus Shifters

I show how to remove/install a shifter cable on a Power Grip Plus shifter made by Sachs.