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How To Fix Bike Not Shifting Gears

I am often asked how to fix a bike that won’t shift gears or will only shift to some gears. The problem will be the shifters, derailleurs, or cables. I walk through the steps to isolate and locate the issue and how to fix it. I cover both the front derailleur and rear derailleur. How …Read more »

How To Fix Shifter Not Catching/Clicking – Won’t Shift

I show how to easily fix many indexing type shifters that won’t shift. In this case it’s a road bike STI brifter, but it also works for mountain bike trigger shifters as well. Where the shifter just isn’t catching. The pawls get stuck with old grease. I just clean out the old grease with WD-40 …Read more »

How To Replace Shifter Cable On Shimano Revoshift Shifters

I show the process as I remove the old shift cable and install a new cable in a Shimano SL RS35 Revoshift shifter.

Replace Shift Cable In Shimano EF-51 Trigger Shifters

I show how to replace the shift cable in Shimano EF-51 shifters. I install a new cable into the right shifter in the video, but the left shifter is done the same way.

Friction Shifters Maintenance – Disassemble, Clean & Lube

I show how to disassemble, clean and lubricate vintage friction shifters. This should help fix most sticky, slipping, noisy friction type shifters. It’s possible that some washers maybe be worn out. If that is the case, you can try to replace them. The shifters in the video are downtube shifters, but the process is basically …Read more »