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7 Speed To 10 Speed Drive Train Upgrade – DIY Cyclocross/Gravel Bike Project

I show the process of upgrading my homebrew cyclocross bike from a 7 speed drive train, up to a 10 speed drive train. I replaced the cassette, rear derailleur, chain, and shifters along with new cables. Build Cheap DIY Cyclocross Bike From Hybrid:

Disassemble Broken Shimano 105 Shifter (Left ST-5600)

My Shimano 105 Shifter (Left ST-5600) wasn’t shifting. It seemed to work fine when not connect. But when hooked up to the derailleur, it would shift to the large gear, but not back down to the small gear. I tried cleaning and lubing it, but it just wouldn’t work. So I decided to take it …Read more »

How To Diagnose/Repair Stiff/Sticky Shifting On A Bike

I show how to figure out why the shifting on your bike is sticky on your bike. I am talking about when the shifter is harder to move than it should be. This is a common question I am asked. So I made this video. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. There are multiple …Read more »

How To Install Inline Cable Barrel Adjusters

I show how to install an inline barrel cable adjuster. The adjuster I am using is made by Origin8, but there are similar types adjust made by other companies such as Jagwire, Shimano and SRAM. I install the adjust to fine tune the shift cable on my front derailleur. This is part of my DIY …Read more »

Modify Huret Downtube Shifter Clamp For Shimano Shifters

I show how to modify the clamp from vintage Huret downtube shifters to work with Shimano downtube shifters. It’s a quick and easy mod. This allows you to update a bike and add modern indexed shifters. You can also use it to install Shimano cable stops, though you can get clamp on cable stops. But …Read more »