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How To Clean & Lube Grip Shift Shifters

I show how to remove, clean, lubricate and install a SRAM Grip Shift shifter. There are different models of Grip Shift shifters. This video only shows one style. But other models are similar. I have other videos that show the process of installing the cable on different styles of GripShift twist shifters. I also explain …Read more »

Replacing Bike Shifter Cables

The cables on this mountain bike had been left exposed the weather and had a surface rust on them. They looked ugly, so I replaced them with brand new shifter cables. The shifters are Shimano Rapidfire trigger type shifters. I also replaced all the cable housings and adjusted the derailleurs.

How To Adjust Cable/Shifting On Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub

I show how to attach the cable and adjust the shifting with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and shifter. This is my 1970 (made in England) Raleigh Tourist. I overhauled the 3 speed hub and needed to set up the shifting again. I demonstrate the whole process.

How To Replace Shifter Cable On SRAM Grip Shift SRT 600 Shifters

I show the process as I remove the old shift cable and install a new cable in GripShift SRT-600 shifter.

How To Repair Stiff Bike Shifters

I explain the common causes of stiff shifting and show how to fix them. The shifters on this bike were very stiff. The main problem was an old rusty shift cable and bent crimped cable housings. Even though this is a mountain bike with trigger shifters, the concepts are the same for GripShift shifters and …Read more »