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Repairing Seized SR Suntour T890 Forks – Disassemble/Clean/Lube

These SR Suntour T890 forks/shocks were completely frozen. The problem seemed to be rust and a lack of lubrication which probably also allowed the rust. I took them apart, cleaned them as best as I could, lubed them and put them back together again. They are still a little bit stiff, but I think they …Read more »

Disassembly/maintenance of RockShox Jett C Shocks/Forks

I explain and show how to overhaul (disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble) a pair of RockShox Jett C forks. RockShox recommends this service after every month or 25 hours of riding as normal maintenance. The extra long hex socket I used was part of this set:

RST Gila Pro Forks – How To Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble

I show how to overhaul RST Gila Pro forks/shocks. I also fixed the lockout lever which was not working. RST recommends this maintenance be done “Every 4 weeks or 25-30 hours of riding or whenever the performance of the fork has diminished(whichever occurs first).” Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff …Read more »

Repairing Rusted Seized RST Gila T5 Forks/Shocks

The RST Gila T5 shocks on this Trek 4300 mountain bike frame were frozen solid. There was some rust on them. I took them apart, cleaned them, removed most of the rust, lubed them, and put them back together and got them working again. How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For RST Forks – Socket …Read more »

Repairing Ballistic 600 XL Bike Shocks (Stuck/Frozen)

The travel on the forks/shocks was reduced to almost zero. They pretty much didn’t move at all. So I decided to tear them apart, clean, lube and put them back together. Yeah, I know they are cheap shocks, but what the heck! I like taking stuff apart and fixing them! They came off a Royce …Read more »