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RockShox Quadra 21R Shocks/Forks Service – Disassembly/Clean/Lube/Assembly

I tear down, clean, lubricate some RockShox Quadra 21R shocks. They were working fine, but had almost no lubrication at all. General maintenance. If the elastomers had been bad, I could have replaced them using a rebuild kit. Another company makes springs to replace the elastomers. But the elastomers in these shocks were okay. I …Read more »

Judy Butter Vs SRAM Butter

In some of RockShox overhaul videos I recommended Judy Butter. But SRAM acquired RockShox and Judy Butter was replaced with SRAM Butter. But it’s different. SRAM Butter is made by Slickoleum.

Replacing Forks/Shocks On Mountain Bike

I replace the trashed front shocks on a Trek 820 mountain bike. The RST 191 CS shocks were seized when I bought the bike. I took them apart and tried to repair them, but they were beyond repair. So I bought some new(used) SR Suntour M3030 shocks on ebay.These are threadless forks.

Repairing Seized SR Suntour T890 Forks – Disassemble/Clean/Lube

These SR Suntour T890 forks/shocks were completely frozen. The problem seemed to be rust and a lack of lubrication which probably also allowed the rust. I took them apart, cleaned them as best as I could, lubed them and put them back together again. They are still a little bit stiff, but I think they …Read more »

How To Make Adjuster Cap Tool For SR Suntour Forks

I show how to make a tool to remove the adjuster cap from SR Suntour forks. There appear to be at least a couple sizes of adjuster caps. My homemade tool is for the small size adjuster cap. The shocks in the video are SR Suntour T890 forks.