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Bike Tools – The Tools I Use To Repair/Update/Restore Bikes

I often get asked about my bike tools. People want to see them. Where do I get them. Can I recommend a set of bike tools. These are a lot of the tools that I use to repair, update, and restore bikes. It includes general purpose tools, vintage bicycle tools, homemade tools, etc.

Vintage Schwinn 74180 Brake Lever Alignment Tool Demo

I show how to use a vintage Schwinn 74180 Brake Lever Alignment Gauge. Not a tool that you can’t do without, but it does make the job of aligning brake levers to be even, a little easier and faster.

Make Bottom Bracket Thread Chasing Tools – Cheap & Easy

I show how to make cheap and easy bottom bracket chaser tools using old fixed and adjustable cups. These do nut cut new threads, but are used to chase the threads/repair damaged threads/clean out gunk caught in the threads.

How To Make Easy Thread Chaser Tool To Fix Damaged Threads

I show how to make a cheap, easy, homemade DIY thread chasing tool and repair moderately damaged threads. In this case it was a bike frame bottle cage mount. But the method can be used for other threaded spots as well. I could have used a tap, but a tap will cut threads and remove …Read more »

Rusty Freewheel/Chain – Challenged To Remove The Rust

Some of my viewers wanted to see me try to remove the rust from a very rusty drivetrain and shoot a video of it. So I took the challenge. I soaked the freewheel and chain in Evaporust for a day. It was actually pretty much done after 6 or 8 hours.