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How To Clean/Lube Vintage Proto Ratchet Wrench (5449)

I bought this Proto ratchet wrench at a flea market. I show how to disassemble the wrench to clean it, lube it and how to re-assemble it again. Basic service maintenance.

How To Rebuild Snap-On Ratchet Wrench With Repair Kit

I show how to rebuild a Snap-On ratchet wrench with a repair kit. I bought this Snap-On F720 ratchet wrench at a flea market. It was a little beat up and the mechanism was a little loose. It’s somewhat vintage. According to the date code, it was made in 1977. So I bought a repair …Read more »

Clean/Lube Vintage Craftsman Round Head Ratchet Wrench 9-43797

I take a vintage Craftsman round head ratchet wrench apart, clean it, lube it, and put it back together. I bought several ratchet wrenches at a thrift shop for cheap. But they were all in rough shape. They were all at least a little rusty. The wrench is labelled 943797 and has a thumbwheel. It …Read more »

How To Make A Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover Tool

I show how to make a homemade chain whip/sprocket remover tool. A chain whip is used to hold the cassette while the lock ring is loosened when removing a cassette from a bike wheel. For Shimano Uniglide cassettes, two chain whips are used to remove the lock ring/cog. These are the chain whips I display …Read more »

How To Clean/Lube Stanley Ratchet Wrench (89 819 Cr-V)

I disassemble, clean, lubricate and re-assemble a Stanley 1/2″ Drive Pear Head Quick Release Ratchet Wrench (model 89-819 Cr-V). I bought this wrench for $5 at a thrift shop. It worked fine. But I love taking things apart. And I am always interested in seeing the different mechanisms in these ratchet wrenches. So I took …Read more »