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How To Make A Freehub Body Disassembly Tool

This is my homemade freehub body disassembly tool. It was cheap and easy to make. This is used to remove the cup/cone from a Shimano freehub body. Shimano used to make a tool for this (Shimano Cassette Hub Race Remover TL-FH40), but they are hard to find now. So I made this one out of …Read more »

How To Repair A Craftsman Ratchet Wrench

I show how to fix a Craftsman ratchet wrench that is slipping or not working very well. Most often the problem is that the grease inside the wrench is old and dirty. I show how to disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble the wrench to make it work again. My wrench in the video is a …Read more »

Replace Bike Headset With Cheap Homemade Tools

I change a bike headset using tools that can be made easily and cheaply. I remove the old headset, and install a brand new headset. This includes a homemade bearing cup remover, bearing cup press, and crown race setter. I include links to videos that explain how to make these tools yourself. This is a …Read more »

How To Make A Headset Cup Remover Tool

This is my homemade tool to remove headset bearing cups from a bike frame. This is similar to the Park Tool RT-1 Head Cup Remover tool. It cost about $3 to make. I made it from a piece of 3/4″ electrical conduit that I bought at the hardware store. The only tools used to make …Read more »

How To Make A Headset Cup Press/Install Tool

This is my homemade bearing cup press. It works similar to the Park Tool HHP-3 to install the bearing cups into the head tube of a bike frame. It cost less than $8 to make. So relatively cheap to build. It was made from a 12 inch piece of 1/2″ threaded rod, 4-6 fender washers, …Read more »