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How To Do 27 Inch To 700c Wheel Conversion – Vintage Bike Update

I show you how to convert a bike from 27″ wheels to 700c wheels. It’s an easy upgrade. You pretty much just have to remove the old 27″ wheels and mount the 700c wheels (assuming the hub width is the same). The main issue is the brakes. 700c wheels are smaller in diameter. So the …Read more »

Replace Campagnolo To Shimano Freehub Body On AClass ALX320 Wheel

I convert an AClass ALS320 wheel from a Campagnolo to a Shimano Freehub Body. The Shimano Freehub Body part number is FW7400. Now I am ready to install a Shimano cassette and use the wheel with a Shimano drivetrain. Nothing against Campagnolo, but Shimano stuff is much more available here and affordable. Here is the …Read more »

Replacing Bladed Spoke On Bicycle Wheel

I bought a set of A Class Alex ALX330 wheels for a great price. But the rear wheel was missing a bladed spoke. So I replace the missing spoke with a new spoke and true the wheel. Now I just got to figure out what bike I want to put the wheels on.

Measure Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) With Homemade Tools

I show how to make simple tools to measure Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) and how to use them. The are made out of old bike spokes. The ERD is one of the measurements needed to determine spoke length when build a wheel.

Bike Noises – Find Them To Fix Them

Bikes can make the strangest noise. Squeaks, creaks, clicks, grinding, whirs, ticks, clunks, etc. The first step in fixing a noise on a bike is to locate where it is coming from. But noises can tricky. They can sound like they are coming from one place, but are actually coming from another. I talk about …Read more »