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RJ The Bike Guy T-Shirts!!!

I designed a RJ The Bike Guy T-Shirt that is available in two different variations! Click on the images of the shirts below to see and buy them at!

Craigslist Shopping Tips

I had a request for Craigslist shopping tips. So here are some. Does anyone else have any? Tips for bike hunting on craigslist: Search the “bikes” category with no search text. Also search the “bike parts” category with no search text. (there will be parts in the bikes category and bikes in the bike parts …Read more »

Bicycle Repair Stand Plans

I wanted a repair stand that would allow me to easily work on my bikes. I would have loved to own a Park Tool repair stand, but I couldn’t justify the cost. I search the net, and found I could hang my bike from the ceiling with ropes. I tried it, it sucked. The bike …Read more »