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Removing Stuck/Frozen Seatpost By Cutting With Sawzall

I tried removing the seized seatpost with lots of Kano Kroil penetrating oil, a 4 ton winch, Snap-On PH3050B air hammer, dry ice, heat gun, alternating heat/cold, a small sledge hammer, and a big pipe wrench. I seriously beat on it! It didn’t move at all. I finally resorted to cutting it out. I used …Read more »

Removing A Seized Seatpost with Coke/Coca-Cola – Does It Work?

I have read and been told that Coca-Cola will work to free a stuck/frozen seatpost. One person even said that after putting Coke in the seat tube for a couple days, the seatpost would slide right out. So I decided to test the Coke method of seatpost removal. I left the frame with Coke in …Read more »

Cheap Easy Tool To Clean Inside Bike Seat Tube

I show how to clean rust and corrosion from the inside of a bike seat tube using a cheap and easy to make tool. This is useful for cleaning out a seat tube after removing a seized seatpost. There is often ugly oxidation left over from the galvanic reaction between the aluminum seat post and …Read more »

How To Make A Quill Seatpost/Expanding Seatpost

I show how to make a quill/expansion/wedge seatpost. Quill seat posts were found on some bikes in the 80s including Schwinn aluminum road bikes (564, 684, etc) from the Paramount Design Group (PDG). But they were prone to cracking. Replacements are expensive and hard to find. I bought the parts to make mine on ebay. …Read more »

Seatpost Size – From Wrong To Right

I replace an incorrect sized seatpost with a correct size seatpost for the frame. I bought a nice Koga Miyata bike, but it had a dirty old steel seatpost which was obviously not the correct post. And it looked like the diameter was too small since the seatpost clamp look a bit tight. I measured …Read more »