Removing Stuck/Frozen Seatpost By Cutting With Sawzall

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I tried removing the seized seatpost with lots of Kano Kroil penetrating oil, a 4 ton winch, Snap-On PH3050B air hammer, dry ice, heat gun, alternating heat/cold, a small sledge hammer, and a big pipe wrench. I seriously beat on it! It didn’t move at all. I finally resorted to cutting it out. I used my Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saw. I could have used a hacksaw blade and cut by hand, but this was much faster. I really recommend cutting a seatpost out as a last resort, when all other attempts have failed. But aluminum seat posts can get seriously stuck in steel frames due to galvanic reaction/corrosion between the dissimilar metals.

The next step will to be cleaning out the seat tube. I have a video on how to do that::

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