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Threaded To Threadless Headset/Fork Upgrade On Vintage Road Bike

I convert my 1990 Trek 1000 from a 1 inch threaded fork/headset to a threadless setup with a carbon fiber composite fork. The most common threaded forks have 1 inch steerer tubes. So you are limited when converting them to threadless to use a threadless fork with a 1″ steerer. A fork with a 1-1/8″ …Read more »

Install Brake Cables On BMX Bike With Gyro/Rotor/Detangler

I show the process of replacing the upper and lower brake cables on a BMX bike equipped with a Gyro/rotor/detangler headset.

Overhaul BMX Bike Headset With Gyro/Rotor/Detangler

I show how to overhaul the headset on a BMX bike with a Gyro/rotor/detangler installed. The bike in the video is a Trek Subvert 1.0.

How To Overhaul Vintage Peugeot Bike Headset

I overhaul the headset on an early 70’s Peugeot road bike. I believe it is a UO-8 or a variation. I disassemble, clean, lube, replace the bearings and reassemble the headset.

Overhauling Loose Threadless Headset

The headset was so loose that I wouldn’t have been surprised to find missing or loose bearings inside. The bike had been abused and poorly maintained. The forks had been seized. So instead of just tightening up the headset, I decided I should overhaul it. I cleaned it, replaced the bearings, lubricated it with marine …Read more »