Convert Mountain Bike To Disc Brakes With No Frame/Fork Mounts

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I show how to convert an old vintage MTB with no frame/fork disc brake mounts, to disc brakes using adapters. I show various disc brake mounting adapters and how they can be used to install disc brakes. Some of the adapters I show are A2Z DM-UNI, Chaser Tech Bicycle Rear Disc Brake Adapter Kit, and more. I am sure there are other types of adapters available. This type of conversion is pretty complex and will probably require a trial and error approach to see what works and what doesn’t. You’ll see in this video some of the problems I encountered and had to work to fix. The bike in the video is a Trek 820 that was set up with V-Brakes.

Cold setting a bike frame:

A2Z DM-UNI Disc Brake Adapter:

31.88mm Front Disc Brake Bracket Adapter:

22.88mm Front Disc Brake Bracket Adapter:

Chasertech Disc Brake Adapters:

BBR Tuning Billet Aluminium Disc Brake Caliper Bracket:

RJ The Bike Guy Tee-Shirt:

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